Individual Coaching

I work virtually and face to face with people to develop clarity about their purpose, goals, growth areas and strategies for success.  Coaching sessions provide a safe, confidential sounding board for clients to explore and develop along an intentional path to optimal living and performance.  

Sessions often focus on ways to improve:

  • Self care, time management, and personal organization
  • Decision making and change
  • Relationships and communication
  • Navigating conflict and complexity
  • Image transformation and personal branding

The Home front

Strengthening the System Behind the Systems

What's happening at home matters.   Whether that involves roommates, partners, spouses, kids or all of the above, improving communication skills, managing boundaries, clarifying expectations, and exploring personality differences can make a world of difference.  I provide coaching  to boost skills and awareness in critical areas that lead to peace, happiness, and understanding for the people you care about in the most important system of all.