Intro to Integral Process Leadership

The Merlin Factor  is a two-hour presentation that introduces organizations to a simple yet powerful leadership approach.  Learn how Integral Process Leadership leverages neuroscience, personality type, and new management paradigms to modernize and operationalize forgotten wisdom that will unlock:

  • Effective teamwork and high engagement 
  • Healthy and happy leaders
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Positive climate and culture at scale
  • Strategic clarity and operational coherence 


Integral Process LEadership Partnerships

Clients can work directly with me to leverage the presence and practice of Integral Process Leadership for their organization.  This may include just a couple of hours each month with a leadership team, or expanded hours of direct work with people and teams on the front lines.  No matter the scope, clients experience the power and benefit of enhanced observation, assessment, communication, classroom instruction, group facilitation, mediation, and coaching to create sustainable improvements in areas such as:

  • Leadership
  • Climate and culture 
  • Complexity and change
  • Employee engagement and experience
  • Team building and cohesion
  • Conflict navigation


Integral Process LEader Training

Creating one or more IPL positions within your organization is the most sustainable and scalable way to optimize organizational effectiveness.  The design and implementation process looks like this:

Transformation Team  Training – The work begins with the formation and two-day, on-site training of a project team that will serve as organizational guides in the implementation process.

Integral Process Leader Training – This immersive, 5 day, off-site retreat prepares and inspires IPL's for success in their new role.

Sustainability and Support - Throughout the process, I provide the modelling, coaching, and partnership needed to support lasting transformation.