My name is Seth Elliott.  I provide coaching and consultation services to organizational leaders seeking to maximize their strengths, solve complex problems, improve workplace cultures, enhance employee experience, and navigate change successfully.  My work is dedicated to healthier systems ranging from families, schools, and companies, to political, non-profit and religious organizations.  I believe in getting core philosophies right.  I believe in conceptual and practical balance.  I believe in kind and honest conversations, the healthy use of power, lifelong learning, and real joy in the journey.  

My work is rooted in supportive reflection, inquiry, challenge and dialogue, as well as my natural love of ah-ha moments and exciting discoveries.  I draw on my formal education in business and psychology as well as experience as a leader, consultant, author, classroom trainer, coach, mediator, and leadership development specialist to promote and guide true transformation.   I enjoy weaving together timeless and transcendent wisdom from the past with new insights into organizational theory and neuroscience.