Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment and Coaching

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. - Carl Jung

The real you is just what you need! Discovering your innate strengths and what really motivates you is the key to success in every sphere of your life.   The MBTI provides powerful insight into the unique ways you find energy, process information, and make decisions.  These insights will enhance your joy and effectiveness in friendships, marriage, parenting, and the work you do.  

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In the meantime, you can explore these links to some great information:

1. A great article from neuroscience and personality expert Dario Nardi.

2. A thoughtful response to MBTI skeptics.

3. Though not a formal MBTI resource, this is a free and effective online version to do some experimenting with.

4. The Myers-Briggs Foundation.